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Belt Ranks

Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu
Belt Rank System

Signature Belt

The Signature belt has Sijo's name embroidered onto the belt. Sijo Sonny Gascon personally handed out each belt. Only members of Sijo Sonny Gascon's Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society wear these special belts. There are many branches under Sijo's tree, only KGS BBS members are authorized to wear these belts.

Under Black Belt Ranks
White Belt - 6th Rokkyu
Yellow Belt - 5th Rokkyu
Orange Belt - 4th Rokkyu
Purple Belt - 3rd Rokkyu
Blue Belt - 2nd Rokkyu
Blue w/1 Green Stripe Belt - 1st Rokkyu
Green Belt - Gokyu
Green w/Brown Stripe Belt - Yonkyu
Brown Belt 3rd Degree - Sankyu
Brown Belt 2nd Degree - Nikyu
Brown Belt 1st Degre - Ikkyu
Black Belt Ranks
Belt Style
Black Belt
Black Belt - Shodan - 1 Red Stripe
Black Belt - Nidan - 2 Red Stripes
Black Belt - Sandan - 3 Red Stripes
Black Belt - Yondan - 4 Red Stripes
Black Belt - Godan - Black w/Red Trim
Black Belt - Rokudan - Red and White
Black Belt - Shishidan -Red and Black
Black Belt - Hachidan - Red w/Black Trim
Black Belt - Kudan - Red w/Silver Trim
Black Belt - Judan - Red w/Gold Trim
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